UEFA Euro Cup 2021 to be held in 11 countries with many challenges & advantages

As a matter of routine, any sport event is hosted in three countries at max. This will be the first time in the sports history that any event and the Cup will be played across eleven different locations of any continent.

Why such a decision to spread out the locations ?

The major logic behind such a decision is fans & economy. As the world braces for Covid 19 pandemic, the economy has taken a hit. This has given a hit to the economies of the whole country and giving the burden of organizing the entire tournament did not seem fair. If different nations share the cost, it will be economic to the nations and can run swiftly.

When different nations host the games at their home location, the fans of that particular location have the chance to watch Euro Cup 2021 live from their home location. And in turn the stadiums will go full giving a benefit to the organizers. Fans may feel the games coming to them. The games will be played all across from Bilbao to St Petersburg & Baku to Dublin which will give a chance to all fans across all location to see the game in action in front of their eyes.

Complexities Involved with travelling & Pandemic :

Multiple travelling & change in atmosphere will only add to the hurdles in the arrangement. More travelling means more arrangement for quarantine facilities, more health care adequacies, also alternatives of players getting infected. Also the slowing down economy faces currency challenges since every country has its own currency and an exchange of that currency is required in that particular location. Visa rules, protocols to be maintained, country specific guidelines (like England allowing only people with vaccine passport) also become a major challenge to be dealth with.

One may think that why did the Euro 2021 not cancelled if this much is the complexity involved? There is more at stake here. UEFA has already suffered a loss of 300 million euros last year due to postponement. This amount could be greater this year if it gets again postponed to next year. Also, many sponsors and broadcasters have a big stake in the game and any further delay could stress them out a lot.

Nevertheless, this has been also criticized by various segments of people as some players will have to travel a lot while some will have a home location benefit. Also during the current scenario, making so many countries ready for the situation will be lengthy rather than two to three nations fully ready to host the entire tournament.

Need to wait and watch and the final outcome will be the decider for futuer whether such a idea can be replicated in the coming times or not.