UEFA Euro 2020 in 2021 Appointed Official Referees Details

Now this year, Euro 2020 will be held on 11 June, 2021 to 11 July 2021. This is the first time, Euro Football Championship will be held in 12 countries, 12 cities and 12 stadiums. Here check the full info about Euro 2020. [Teams, groups, New Fixtures, Squads, Broadcast list and TV Guides]

The UEFA Referees’ Committee has appointed 18 referees and their referee assistant teams who will take charge of the 51 matches at UEFA EURO 2020. The full list of referees who have been selected

EUro 2021 Official Referee List

  1. Felix Brych (Germany)
  2. Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey)
  3. Carlos Del Cerro Grande (Spain)
  4. Andreas Ekberg (Sweden)
  5. Orel Grinfeeld (Israel)
  6. Ovidiu Alin Hategan (Romania)
  7. Sergei Karasev (Russia)
  8. Istvan Kovacs (Romania)
  9. Bjorn Kuipers (Netherlands)
  10. Danny Makkelie (Netherlands)
  11. Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz (Spain)
  12. Michael Oliver (England)
  13. Daniele Orsato (Italy)
  14. Artur Manuel Ribeiro Soares Dias (Portugal)
  15. Daniel Siebert (Germany)
  16. Anthony Taylor (England)
  17. Clément Turpin (France)
  18. Slavko Vinčić (Slovenia)

Also, as a component of a trade program inside the system of the participation arrangement among UEFA and the South American Football Confederation CONMEBOL, out of the blue a South American ref will join the European gathering of officials and an European will venture out to South America. Argentinian ref Fernando Rapallini and his aides will join the chose European arbitrators for EURO 2020, while a Spanish refereeing group drove by Jesús Gil Manzano will be important for the chosen CONMEBOL refs for the Copa América 2021 in Argentina and Colombia.

Additionally interestingly, a female authority has been chosen for a men’s EURO. Stéphanie Frappart (France), who has directed at a few matches in UEFA’s men’s club and public group rivalries this season, has been chosen as help match official*, and will be going about as fourth authority at matches along with different associates according to the joined full rundown of match authorities.

Each refereeing group will comprise of an arbitrator, two collaborator refs, a fourth authority, a save right hand ref at the arena, and a group of four video match authorities. The full arbitrator groups are accessible here.

The arrangement of the authorities for UEFA EURO 2020 will incorporate a course for all arbitrators, ref colleagues and video match authorities, which will happen in Istanbul, Turkey, from 10 to 13 May.

Refs, ref associates and backing arbitrators will have their headquarters in Istanbul from 7 June until the consummation of the quarter-finals, after which the excess match authorities will move to London for the last three matches.